Pete Karagan for Indiana State Representative, District 12

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Pete Karagan was born in Hammond and has lived in the region his entire life. Has a Bachelors in Business Administration from Loyola University in Chicago. Married for 19 years, he has 2 sons, both currently in the Munster public schools.

Right out of school Pete got to see how deregulation could positively affect people's lives working in telecommunications as AT&T was broken up and ushering in the reforms that have improved both pricing and availability.

After supervising 60 people in a customer service operation, Pete went in with his family's automotive business where he worked for 18 years. During that time he studied and qualified to become a licensed managing real estate broker.

He continues to this day to work in the real estate field. In 2011, he achieved level 1 and level 2 certification as an appraiser/assessor as well as a state of Indiana certified property tax representative. As a representative, he fights for taxpayer rights against unfair tax assessments.




A recent optimistic prediction from Indiana Business Review says it all. Region growth "will match the fastest three-year growth in employment that northwest Indiana has experienced since 1990" and "expectation is that growth in employment in northwest Indiana will do what it has usually done over the past 20 years—underperform both the state and the nation. Income growth is likely to be slower as well". When the good news is that you're going to underperform less, something has to change. The business as usual represented by the Democrat machine has failed us.

Sign on for 4% Growth

I believe that we need an aspirational goal to shoot for. Poking along at 1% or 2% growth is a road to failure. Fortunately, there's a national program already in place to raise our sights and make something better for our kids so they can stay in the region and prosper. It's called The 4% Project and I endorse the goal. I would endorse it no matter who proposed it because it's the right thing to do and this area will have a very bright future if we succeed, or even if we just fall short.


If the people can review the actions of government, the liars, the crooks, and the thieves in government will be deterred. They're going to think twice about even running for office if they know every contract, every check, every meeting minute is going to go up on the Internet. Honest government workers will be exposed as well and gain the recognition that they've always deserved but sometimes didn't get.

There is very little legitimate need for secrecy in local government: payments to confidential informants, undercover police expenses, not much more. If we move to a system where the vast majority of spending is out in the open

Worker's Agenda

With the Obama administration actually admitting that they're giving up on the white working class voter, it's time to make a special effort to reach out to these abandoned voters and let them know how the free market can help them. In a real free market, the bosses aren't privileged, the landlords aren't privileged, the workers aren't privileged. It's an even playing field. But that's not the reality we live in because we live in a crony capitalist area and the little guy has been getting hurt by it for a long time. I'm going to even the playing field and here's how.

Increase mobility

The more mobile workers are, the more opportunity they have to get a job and the more alternatives they have if their job goes south. As the Reason Foundation's pointed out, mobility matters. Rebuilding the Cline Av bridge is an example of a principle that will help people throughout the district.

Increase business creation

There are a lot of ways that local and state government get in the way of businesses starting up and creating jobs. I want to Reduce red tape, get out of the way of business, and generally help businessmen create jobs. If you want details, the sorts of reforms I would like to see are highlighted in a video series Reason Saves Cleveland.